Author Topic: sunday May 14, 2017 "What does a Mothers love look like?"  (Read 114 times)

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sunday May 14, 2017 "What does a Mothers love look like?"
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It was great to be in the house of the Lord again last week. We got to know more about our member of the month Mrs. Fox.  Priscilla brought the Sunday School on how important it is for us not to just be nice but we need to be kind as well.  I got to speak on even though we go through hard times and natural disasters, God is still in control.  I hope you received something by attending service last week.

This week is Mother's day and I want to bring a message on Love.  The scripture verse this week is John 15: 9-17.  I think when you read these verses you will understand what real love is all about.  You will see Love is required from Christians and is sacrificial. Love is so important.  I hope you will make plans to celebrate Mother's day with us on Sunday.

Everyone made a promise last week to pray for Edith and for Don & Brenda Potts this week, I hope you are keeping your promise. There are many others that need our prayers and I hope you will be willing to pray for those that need your prayers.  You can help so much by just remembering to lift each other up and don't forget to praise God for his many blessings.  Hope you have a blessed week and hope to see you on Sunday as we honor our Mothers!

We love you so much,
Pastor David & Pris